SOMMERGLAS is a set of glasses with one nice semicircle on each side. This invites the user to hold it in a playful way. There are many possibilities to arrange the glasses so that they make new shapes and colours together, due to the translucent aspect of it. The clearness, lightness and colour of a relaxing day in July.

Another satisfying part about the glass in the semicircles is that is antique, and when the light enters through it you can see the imperfections and lines which give the feeling of stained glass or water. The emptiness of colour in the middle of the glass gives air to the object.

With fresh and vibrant colours, these glasses are the perfect choice for a summer gathering with friends.

This project was designed during the "The Vignelli Dialogue 02 - Translucida" course, along with the Vignelli Center of Design Studies in New York and produced in collaboration with the Glasfachschule Hadamar. The final product was presented at the Glasstec Trade Fair in Düsseldorf.