The Vignelli Dialogue at the Salone Satellite Milan from June 7th -June 12th
Lehrgebiet: Form und Kontext




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The Vignelli Dialogue –
lessons from the past to develop our future


Maximilian Ewert
Steffen Kauenhowen
Celina Kroder
Qingyao Lin
Lea Mader
Anna Oestreich
Cornelius Richter
Alina Rogge


Prof. Marion Digel
Sebastian Goldschmidtböing (MA)
Prof. Josh Owen

Lella and Massimo Vignelli have set standards for Design and Modernism in the United States and Europe in the 20th century. With their credo „Design is One" they proposed a holistic view on Design; with the „Vignelli Canon" they postulated a philosophy and criteria for timelessness in Design.

In collaboration with the Vignelli Center for Design Studies (RIT), USA (Josh Owen), the Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany (Prof. Marion Digel, Sebastian Goldschmidtböing) initiated the project „The Vignelli Dialogue" with the aim to juxtapose a design philosophy born in 20th century Modernism with the challenges of current and future developments.

With their projects, the industrial design master students Maximilian Ewert, Steffen Kauenhowen, Celina Kroder, Qingyao Lin, Lea Mader, Anna Oestreich, Cornelius Richter and Alina Rogge. each reflect their own ideas regarding the Vignelli Ethos, thus exploring how it holds up towards design challenges of the 21st Century and a sustainable future.