Lehrgebiet: Form und Kontext

Let's grab a coffee and talk about FUTURE DESIGN!

For a COFFEE+DIALOGUE we invite various experts in design research and practice to speak on the topics CULTURAL EXCHANGE, DIALOGUE, OPENNESS, RELEVANCE and SUSTAINABILITY related to our research question "Backtracking Modern Times. Are the ideas of Modernism sufficient to solve 21st Century problems?"
Each of the experts talks about their specific experiences and perspectives on design, education and the importance for the future.

COFFEE + DIALOGUE is held on Wednesdays at our embassy.

JAN 11th
Our first guest is Folkwang Professor for Design Studies Prof. Dr. Cordula Meier. She will discuss with us questions of modernism and aesthetics.

JAN 18th
Prof. Martin Middelhauve will share his experiences with cultural exchange in design education.

MAY 24th
Prof. Dr. Birgit Mersmann explores the concept of 'cultural exchange' through the lense of a researcher of art and visual culture.

More dates will be announced asap!