Fly Phone Fly!

#nomophobia #smombie #selfie

The Smartphone has become an extension of our body, we carry it with us at any time. A life without it is almost unthinkable. Furthermore it is completely accepted by society to have virtual conversations, to answer a phone call or to take a selfie while actually meeting someone in real life. There is no social etiquette existing for the smartphone usage.

The project Fly Phone Fly is ironically referring to these moments of daily life. It is emphasizing our interaction with the smartphone, our dependency on technology and the need to always present oneself from the best angle and especially in the right moment. Through the objects the Smartphone is set on a stage, while at the same time it is setting its user on a stage. The user is able to take selfies from unusual perspectives, the smartphone is functioning as a kind of surveillance camera and is creating shots that differ from usual selfie aesthetics.