Distribution Underground

Liu Yuan
Semesterprojekt (B.A.)
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The distribution of parcels and mail face many problems in a future megacity.
Growing traffic, vanishing space, increasing pollution and lack of energy are the most delicate ones.
Today‘s stakeholders of megacities consider air pollution and traffic to be the biggest environmental challenges in the future. Furthermore they see traffic and environment protection as the two infrastructures with the most investment needs. And good infrastrctures enhance the attractivity of a megacity.
Comparable to the „Congestion Charge“ areas in London and the „Umwelt-zonen“ in Germany, Megacities around the world will establish similar „Green Areas“ where cars are not allowed to enter in order to keep the air as clean as possible. A lot of money will also be invested in traffic solutions. Especially the public transport.
„Distribution Underground“ will use these given conditions to provide a sustainable distribution of parcels and mail from the logistic centers outside the city into the city centers.
Parcels and mail are put into Cargo-Packs and loaded in the subway trains. Thanks to a tight network of stations the Cargo-Packs can be distributed quickly to the different delivery areas.
The Cargo-Packs are unloaded automatically on the platforms of the Subway where postmen pick up the parcels and mail and deliver them subsequently.
By using existing infrastructure the „Distribution Underground“-method does not produce extra emission, it does not need extra energy and it does not cause extra traffic on the overloaded roads in the city of Shanghai in 2020.

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