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Björn Welzel, Jonas Michels, Jörg Peschel
Semesterprojekt (Diplom)
Quo vadis Braun - Repositioning german design in the 21st century
Wintersemester 2005/2006
betreut durch:
Cordula Meier
Jürgen Junginger
Kurt Mehnert


„Quo vadis Braun – Repositioning german design in the 21st century“ is a student research an development project by three Essen industrial design students – Jonas Michels, Jörg Peschel und Björn Welzel – who have examined this topic and the product line of the Braun company in detail, looking for a use of forms that meets current requirements and is more emotional while at the same time remaining true to the established design principles. (The Braun research and form definition was always supported by famous old Braun designers like Prof. Florian Seiffert and Prof. Dr. Dieter Rams and Ludwig Littmann)

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